Multiple Brand Strategy

Very few organisations address the intelligent management of their brand portfolio even though there are often great competitive advantages in doing so.

Multiple Brand Strategy is about coordinating multiple brands to work together as a team to maximise return on investment.

Peartree Brand Strategy helps you understand the role that each brand plays to support your business strategy. This enables you to create powerful cooperation between brands; ensures that each brand receives the resources they deserve; allows you to address challenges from competitors by adjusting brand strategies or effectively developing new brands for growth; and avoids the explosion of brands and sub-brands that could become too complex and confusing for both customers and employees.

The over-arching goal in Multiple Brand Strategy is “less is more” – to have the least number of brands to achieve your business objectives.

Peartree Brand Strategy facilitates a logical process of analysis and assessment of your current brand mix. We examine each brand for financial and reputational strength and review the part each plays or could play in growing the overall value of your business. We also consider the current visual representations (logos, packaging, etc) for consistency and brand fit.

We then work with you to create a brand portfolio management strategy that brings discipline and direction to the development of cost-effective brand building strategies.