Brand Implementation Strategies

The key to effective brand building is to be wholly consistent – to stay “on brand” at all times, in all communication and actions both within and outside the business.

When looking to embed your brand it is essential that you begin by tirelessly living your aspirational brand within your business. Only when you can make substantiated claims about your brand can you then work credibly to build your brand in the external market.

Knowing how you want your brands to be positioned in the market place enables you to develop practical, targeted strategies to grow brand awareness and win customers. You will know what your “message” is, how it should look and be able to ensure consistency in the presentation of that message. Importantly, the marketing dollar you spend to win business will be spent constructively to build your brand.

The following outlines the key areas in which Peartree Brand Strategy can assist:

Brand Assessment

We work with you to assess the current situation against the desired brand to pinpoint aspects that need to be addressed. This may include reviewing:

  • Your product offering
  • Your office and facilities, livery (uniforms, vehicles, etc)
  • Internal culture and the training required to bring aspirational brand fit
  • External communication – graphic design and marketing materials, sponsorship, advertising, PR, digital marketing

Brand Coach

This ongoing program ensures that your organisation and your marketing keep to the brand promise articulated in your brand identity statement. Peartree Brand Strategy assists to establish a Brand Team of representative staff members. We then meet regularly throughout the year with the team to provide an external observer’s review of your brand building activities and to offer suggestions to enhance the development of the brand.

Brand Coach is especially helpful to deliver an independent and objective perspective when you have an established marketing infrastructure working on the day-to-day brand building programs.

Brand & Marketing Implementation Management

Peartree Brand Strategy assists in coordinating these activities, particularly if you do not have an established marketing infrastructure.

Internal programs can include staff development initiatives that encourage employees to ‘live’ the brand and to be more effective brand ambassadors. External brand building can encompass the development of a new visual identity or packaging; innovative sponsorships of events or entities that can enhance your brand associations; marketing materials; communication and public relations activities; creative use of your website to drive awareness and brand associations; digital and social media strategies; or novel advertising campaigns.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship can be a highly effective way to build brands and Peartree Brand Strategy has extensive experience in the field both on the sponsor side and selling sponsorships on behalf of events and organisations.

You can build your brand economically with clever sponsorship selection and creative activation of your sponsorships that:

  • Generate brand exposure through event publicity and signage
  • Develop your desired brand associations by linking to a sponsored property that is already known for these qualities
  • Provide an event experience which can often be exclusive thereby strengthening your relationships with clients and customers
  • Energise your staff, suppliers through the excitement and pride that come from your public link to the sponsored event

Sponsorships can also inject vitality and focus into your brand portfolio.

Brand audits

How do you know how your brand is performing? Peartree Brand Strategy can determine the strength of your brand through a brand audit. Brand audits can be undertaken before embarking on a Brand Engineering exercise or at any time that you want to establish your brand’s power in the marketplace. We measure your brand equity through analyses of the key areas: brand awareness, perceived quality, brand associations and brand loyalty.

Brand presentations

Looking to engage key players in the concept of holistic brand development or just wanting a guest speaker? We provide an informative and stimulating presentation on how brands work and what makes them strong, taking control of the development of your brand and how to make it happen.