Rossi Boots


With most competitors manufacturing off shore Rossi Boots was the last lifestyle footwear makers continuing to fully manufacture in Australia. To increase productivity and sustainability it had been selected for the Design Integration Pilot Program under the federal Department of Industry and Trade. Peartree Brand Strategy’s role was to address Rossi’s brand development needs to develop a differentiated position with a more compelling brand and design driven, innovation oriented, market-connected people.


Peartree Brand Strategy conducted independent market research nationally to determine the brand’s current image


Develop a mentoring program to bridge the immediate brand marketing capability gap, assist and educate Rossi to ‘help themselves’ and accelerate their ability to put in place and manage the process (as against just hiring consultants to do the work).

"Having engaged your services as part of the implementation of the Design Integration Program it has proven to be a wise decision. As a 100 year old family business it has been of great benefit to be able to draw on your knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of family businesses. Working with our customers, staff, management and Board your approach has been respectful, considered and outcome driven. I am indeed pleased with the Brand Audit process that you facilitated and the clarity with which you were able to help us articulate our own identity."

Neville Hayward, Managing Director, Rossi Boots