Gerard McCabe


Gerard McCabe is a producer and retailer of quality jewellery unique to the Gerard McCabe brand. In much the way Tiffany only sells its own designs, so too, Gerard McCabe designs and produces a number of design ranges. Peartree Brand Strategy was engaged to help the company re-confirm its brand.


The process also addressed the restructuring its portfolio of sub-brands. The key design ranges had been positioned as master brands endorsed by Gerard. However, the Gerard McCabe brand was not yet strong enough to carry this position. It made it difficult for the Gerard McCabe brand to gain strength of awareness.


The new brand portfolio strategy turned the design ranges into product brands under the common Gerard McCabe master brand thus providing greater prominence to Gerard McCabe and thereby increasing its brand awareness. It also helped to communicate that the product brand was unique to Gerard McCabe.

"You have done a great job in defining our brand and the job at hand to bring it to life. It is an inspiring document not only for my staff but especially for me and will be instrumental in reinvigorating my enthusiasm for the industry I dearly love. I can now move ahead with renewed focus and resolve and I am excited for the generations to come."

Gerard McCabe, Managing Director, Gerard McCabe