Felix Transport

Felix Transport Case Study - Peartree Brand Strategy
Felix Transport Case Study - Peartree Brand Strategy


The owner of this start-up courier and transport business had extensive big-business experience and recognised that he needed professional assistance to synthesise his raw ideas and concepts into the basis of a brand that could explode into the market.


Through initial market research and workshopping with the owner Peartree Brand Strategy brought structure and clarity to the brand, formulating a strategy that provided Felix Transport with a unique value proposition in the market based on innovative technology and a customer-focused, happy workforce.


One revelation during the process was that the working brand-name did not resonate powerfully with prospective clients. We proposed the name “Felix” (Latin for “happy”) which we felt better reflected the start-up’s aspirational personality and injected energy and a more human persona.

“Lowen’s professionalism and experience were a clear standout for us. She was able to bring our brand to life. Even though we are new player in the transport market, I am of the view we have a clear vision of who we are, why we stand out from the crowd and what Felix Transport stands for.

Re branding / Re positioning a brand is a significant task for any size company. Lowen really assisted us with the heavy lifting in the early stages of our development which will pay dividends in the long term.”

Wayne Musster, Chief Executive Officer, Felix Transport