Bowhill Engineering


Bowhill Engineering designs, fabricates and installs large complex structural steel for buildings/engineering constructions and specialist equipment manufacturers Australia wide.

The firm was transitioning from a back-yard family business to a professional, systems driven, award winning quality service provider. Addressing its brand was an important part of the exercise.


Peartree Brand Strategy helped Bowhill Engineering develop clarity of its brand vision and the key points of difference that would resonate with customers. Once documented it was communicated to the factory and administration staff.


The helicopter perspective allowed Bowhill Engineering to see its own image amongst the competition and the industry in general. They went on to revise their logo, website and company templates using the brand identity as the check process during the development.

I found the process empowering – taking the time to consider what we stand for and our best strategic way to maximise the inherent strengths of our business. The Peartree Brand Strategy method is so simple, but how many businesses actually sit down and do it? Five years on we still very much refer to the one-page “Brand Identity” statement as part of our Induction Package for new staff. We train staff to use this statement as a decision making tool, getting them to ask, “does this response align with our brand identity?” and the solution mostly becomes quite obvious.