Bernie Lewis


The brief was to re-brand the two businesses, Bernie Lewis Home Loans and Bernie Lewis Wealth Management as one brand.


We undertook external and internal market research and developed the aspirational Brand Identity for the re-badged business. Peartree then coached the Brand Team on a number of projects to implement the brand internally.


The name was streamlined to Bernie Lewis and accompanied by a new look logo, website and advertising. A brand team comprised of staff from across the firm undertook various internal activities to maintain focus on the brand elements.

Your brand is one of your most important assets and needs to be managed and enhanced actively to ensure it remains relevant in an ever changing social and economic environment. Over the last 25 years, Bernie Lewis has established a well known and respected brand. We wanted to extend its reach across both home loans and wealth management and ensure it remained relevant for another 20 years. To facilitate this critical process, we searched for a brand expert that could lead us through a detailed and exhaustive “Brand Identity” process. Lowen’s experience and robust execution processes were evident immediately. She ensured that we properly considered all important elements before arriving at our final future aspirational brand identity. The results were exceptional and we are looking forward, once we are all living the brand internally to launching it publically as part of our exciting ”integrated advice” strategy.

Stefan Lipkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Bernie Lewis Group