Building Brand Culture

Rebrand, refresh or re-engineer?

If you’re thinking about rebranding your organisation, you may want to think again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for one minute suggesting you shouldn’t be constantly thinking about your image, your place in the world and how they can be refreshed, reinvigorated or just fine-tuned. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s just that most …Read more

How staff can build your brand

Too often organisations look at building their brand externally but forget about the internal aspects, then wonder why staff aren’t along on the journey with them. If you accept that brand is just another word for reputation, and you’re looking to build your reputation externally, you have to make sure that the way you operate …Read more

Is this where you work?

Sometimes when you change your logo you need to think about changing your furniture as well. One of the most important yet commonly overlooked aspects of your brand is your premises, and how you present yourself to your customers and your staff. Funky companies don’t have Chesterfield lounges, no matter how comfortable and attractive they …Read more

Can you build brand culture?

I’m often asked whether it’s possible to build brand culture within a business or organisation. The short answer is “yes”, but it’s better if it’s nurtured rather than created. And it must be genuine. You can’t fake “culture”, which is, quite simply, the way everybody within an organisation thinks about the brand and how they …Read more