The Brand Brief Behind Nike’s Just Do It Campaign

Case studies on successful brand development are always interesting. This one on the genesis of the Nike “Just do it” campaign provides great insight from someone who was Nike’s Director of Marketing Insights & Planning at the time, Jerome Conlon.   The Brand Brief Behind Nike’s Just Do It Campaign by Jerome Conlon Just Do …Read more

21 Different Types Of Brand

As well as product and service brands, I often work with young professionals who realise the importance of building their own personal brands. I also work with family businesses that can maximise the value of their family business brands using unique elements that come with their family heritage. This article by Mark Di Somma explores …Read more

Your business, by any other name…

I work with organisations on brand strategy and it’s surprising how often the idea of changing the name finds its way onto the agenda. Frequently it goes no further than that, but when you analyse it there are five reasons why you might at least consider the idea. The first is a given. If there …Read more

How Brands Make Emotional Connections

For brands to gain lasting distinction product differentiators are not enough. Successful brands connect powerfully at an emotional level with their customers. As Brad VanAuken of The Blake Project points out in this article “Emotional connection can take your customers beyond brand loyalty to the ultimate measure of a compelling brand: brand advocacy.”   How …Read more

The Rise Of The One Brand Strategy

Brand architecture – how you manage your portfolio of brands – is an important strategic decision for any business. Do you go “house of brands”, “branded house strategy” or somewhere in between? The latest trend emerging within the large, multi-national brands is toward a branded house because of one or a number of the following: …Read more

Don’t take a risk – be consistent

During the recent election campaign Malcolm Turnbull was ridiculed for using the expression “continuity with change”. The reason, primarily, was that this very phrase had been used in the American political satire Veep because the writers thought it was “the most meaningless slogan they could think of”. That’s not helpful to a man looking to …Read more

One brand or more? It depends on your vision

The term “brand architecture” is not so much misunderstood as misinterpreted by many smaller businesses. They see it as an issue just for the big end of town; for large corporations with complex brand portfolios working across multiple markets. But it’s not. I talk about brand architecture or multiple brand management with a number of …Read more

Sponsorship? I’d rather a partnership, thanks

The definition of sponsorship has changed greatly over the past decade or so, to the extent that it’s almost not the correct word in many circumstances. Sure, there are still times when a worthy cause needs support to make a worthy event a reality, and it’s worth writing the cheque in return for recognition from …Read more