Tips to livening up your brand

15 Tips for Livening Up Things When Your Brand Is Getting Stale

Developing a branded energiser is a good way to build your brand. This article has 15 ideas that you might find useful. Just ensure that whatever you do supports how your want the market to perceive your brand and doesn’t, inadvertently, take your brand in a new direction that could be damaging, unless, of course you opt for suggestion #15!

15 Tips for Livening Up Things When Your Brand Is Getting Stale

By JOHN BOITNOTT, Aug 16, 2016

As trends change, old brands can easily start to seem outdated. What was fun and exciting only a few years ago can suddenly feel overdone as new companies come along and win customers. It’s important that businesses at least make small changes every few years to remain relevant. But if you change too often or too drastically, you can confuse the consumers who have come to know you under your current branding. Here are 15 tips to help your business keep things fresh.

1. Monitor engagement.

From the start, you should have analytics in place to determine what elements of your websites and social media platforms are working. You’ll be able to use this as a baseline for any changes you make.

2. Add new products.

If you’ve had the same line of products for a while, adding one or two new items can bring new attention to your business. Don’t shy away from removing a product if it’s just not performing well.

3. Create a fun campaign.

Engage customers with an interactive marketing campaign that gets them excited to post about your brand on social media.

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4. Redesign your website.

If your business is more than a couple of years old, chances are your website could use a fresh look. Bring in a design expert to suggest improvements.

5. Commission a new logo.

The logo you created at the outset may already be outdated. Many brands find that a small, occasional logo update can keep the same general idea while helping reach a wider audience.

6. Create a fun new slogan.

If your business has a slogan, take a look at it and make sure it still reflects your brand. As your products or services evolve, you may find that the slogan needs to evolve too. You might also find that the slogan you came up with at the beginning no longer makes sense, and it needs a complete overhaul.

7. Meet your customers.

If it’s been a while since you’ve spent serious face time with the people who buy from you, take the time to interact with them in person.

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8. Attend a conference.

Whether it’s specific to running a small business or related to your industry, a conference can be an invigorating way to find fresh ideas and learn about new trends.

9. Participate in a local event.

Participate in an event like a charity fundraiser or fair. You’ll show your support for the local community and learn more about how the general public perceives your branding.

10. Target a new audience.

If you feel as though your marketing campaigns have flat lined, consider reaching out to an audience you haven’t yet targeted.

11. Partner with another business.

There are likely other businesses, either locally or within your industry, that could gain from more exposure. By partnering to sponsor a booth or create a new product, you could combine resources and expand your reach.

12. Host an open house.

You can introduce your brand to local customers by hosting an open house. Provide drinks and finger foods and get to know the very people who are likely to purchase from you. You can also invite a guest speaker to talk to your clients, making it even more of an event.

13. Go retro.

Sometimes a brand refresh means taking a step back. Bath & Body Works recently tried this approach by releasing scents from its early years.

14. Go digital.

Consider ramping up the way you offer your products or services. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, set up an online shop. Go mobile if you haven’t. If your business is service-based, allow customers to make appointments through your website.

15. Know when it’s time to pivot.

In some instances, a business’s current approach simply isn’t getting results anymore. When that happens, don’t be afraid to go in a completely different direction.

It’s important that a brand continuously improve to remain competitive with new businesses. By taking time on a regular basis to evaluate your current brand messaging and finding ways to update it, you can ensure you’re always moving forward.

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