Choose the brands that talk to your brand

If you want to make the right impression, don’t let your toilet paper let you down. OK, it’s not just toilet paper, or any other bathroom supplies for that matter, but they are a really good example of how little things matter and the right choice of products can make a big difference. Good organisations …Read more

Is philanthropy a part of brand building?

I often get asked about the role of philanthropy in brand building and whether, in fact, the two can go together without the philanthropic ideals being watered down and even compromised. It’s an interesting issue. To start with, let’s be clear about what we mean by philanthropy. It’s not simply writing a cheque for a …Read more

I’ve confirmed my brand. What now?

That heading is actually a little misleading, because during an effective brand development you should be conscious of what the next steps will be – and how significant they might need to be. The difference is that once the planning work has been completed you move from thinking about those steps to activating them. The …Read more

Brand co-ordination is about making the right choices

One of my mantras is about the importance of co-ordinating your brand message and activities, and it’s an issue that comes up regularly in conversations both with clients and more generally with people interested in how the business world works. The reason, I suspect, is that it’s not quite as easy a deliverable as it …Read more

Why A Brand Matters

If any of you have met me you’ll know how passionate I am about brand development, particularly getting all the aspects of brand in line with how you want to be perceived both inside and outside the company. This article is a great reminder of what goes into a great brand and the importance of …Read more

Caterpillar Inc.

Last week I shared an article on merchandising to build your brand. This article shows how the merchandising team at Caterpillar has been careful to adhere to the brand’s core values as well as being creative in expanding the merchandise products. Caterpillar Inc. By JIM HARRIS, 20 November 2013, Construction and mining sites are probably not …Read more

How to Make Great Brand Merchandise

Merchandising is a clever way to promote your brand and some, think Harley Davidson and Ford Motors, have strong revenue streams through selling products carrying their logos. The following article provides some good tips if you’re thinking of exploring merchandising to build your brand. How to Make Great Brand Merchandise By Tim Donnelly Contributor Creating brand …Read more

Where Your Marketing Team Must Focus to Build an Enduring Brand

No matter the size of your marketing team – whether it’s just one or structured with a Chief Marketing Officer complete with Brand Managers – this article gives useful tips for developing a sustainable brand. Where Your Marketing Team Must Focus to Build an Enduring Brand By AROLINA ROGOLL, OCTOBER 12, 2015 via The desire and ability …Read more