Our Process

Brand Engineering

Peartree Brand Strategy uses a holistic approach to brand development called Brand Engineering to clarify and sustain your brand. A strong brand underpins all that the company does – strategic directions, marketing, recruitment, choice of partnerships and alliances.

Brand Engineering is essential if:

  • you want your product or service to be worth more with your name on it than without it and thus improved margins
  • you want your brand to contribute to share value or capital value

The object of Brand Engineering is to re-engineer your existing brand so that it clearly differentiates from your competitors, resonates with your customers and then delivers on the brand promise at every interaction both within and outside the company.

Brand Engineering is driven by the owners or leaders of the company. They are responsible for maximising the value of the business. Constructing a powerful brand is a smart and proven method to significantly add to the value of a company.

If the company has a number of brands under its name a Multiple Brand Strategy will create a logical and effective management system that maximises the performance of each brand and supports the business strategy.

If you haven’t already guessed, your brand is not just your logo or your product or service. Your brand is a collection of perceptions in the minds of customers and it is built through the total experience that the brand offers.

Brand Engineering allows you to take control of how you brand is perceived. The key steps to develop a powerful brand include:

  • developing a brand vision – an aspirational and distinctive brand identity that defines what you want your brand to be and what it will stand for.
  • developing a Multiple Brand Strategy if relevant
  • implementing the desired brand vision within the company – it is important that the new brand is being ‘lived’ within before being presented to the external market
  • embedding the brand identity in the marketplace using clever, cost-effective and non-standard methods (PR, sponsorship, visual identity, website, advertising, digital and social media)


Our brand engineering process has five steps